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Paid surveys online are a way for companies around the world to get the opinions and views of their customers. In return for giving your opinions via paid surveys online you can get paid cash, merchandise and other valuable products, or even entries into prize draws for huge cash prizes of up to 10,000 or more.


Top UK Paid Surveys:

  • SurveyHead Hot
    Your opinion matters! By carefully providing answers to market research surveys, you are personally helping to shape the business strategies of executives around the world. In exchange for providing your opinion, Surveyhead will pay you a cash reward via PayPal. Registration is FREE and you'll earn 3.50 by joining today!

  • Mommy Talk Surveys New
    You have an opportunity to impact new products and services by taking part in market research surveys. MommyTalkSurveys provides you with this opportunity by connecting you with market research companies who value your opinion. In exchange for providing your opinion, will pay you a cash reward each time you complete a survey.

    Companies in the United Kingdom need your help to create better products. Earn Cash and rewards by doing online surveys.

  • is your source for the best free stuff for British parents. Get free products, coupons, discounts and much more.

  • Win a Dream Holiday
    Win a Dream Holiday. OpinionWorld is the place where your opinion matters. You get the chance to influence the future of consumer products and win great prizes.

  • Win 5,000 cash
    Just bty taking part in The Great Uk Survey you can win 5,000! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Take Paid Online Surveys
    Take GlobalTestMarket Surveys. Get Cash for Your Opinion.

  • Survey Doctor
    Companies want your opinion - and they're willing to pay for it. Earn cash, store vouchers and free samples on your home computer.

  • Cash for Your Opinion
    Take GlobalTestMarket Surveys. Get Cash for Your Opinion.

  • Voice in a Crowd
    Win prizes just for letting us know what you think answer Voice in a Crowds surveys to gain extra entries into the monthly prize draw. Registration is free, and gives you the chance to win top prizes ranging from cold hard cash and the latest gadgets to once in a lifetime experiences.

  • Win a Flat Screen TV! - ECN Research
    Join their interactive survey and enter for a chance to win a flat screen TV.

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Paid Opinion & UK Online Market Research Surveys:

Doing paid surveys online can be a rewarding way to earn some extra money, some of the benefits besides get paid to do the online surveys, can be that knowing that your opinions are being heard by UK companies, and that you are influencing the way new products and services are made and introduced in the United Kingdom. Taking part in market research surveys online is available to people of all ages, and countries. is a dedicated UK paid survey directory, offering a free list of market research companies in the UK and international companies that accept and sent research surveys to The United Kingdom. We have reviewed and research hundreds of paid survey companies online and only listed ones that are either in the UK or regularly send surveys to members in The United Kingdom.


Online Research Assignments - Get Paid Rewards:

We highly recommend that you join as many paid survey companies as you can, this will increase your chances of receiving assignments and ultimately getting paid to complete them. Another good tip to keep in mind when are doing surveys online is to be truthful in your answers. Market research companies are very good at what they do, and if youre not answering the surveys they send you truthfully, they will eventually find out, and ultimately not send you any paid surveys in the future.


We have listed some of The UKs best paid survey companies online, we highly recommend you join all the companies listed here. They all send out regular paid surveys in the UK, and you are giving yourself a good chance at making some extra money online and winning some great prizes by joining them all. NEW!!!